Thomas the Tank Engine Cupcake Train (Happy birthday Zac!)

Thomas the Tank Engine Cupcake Train

This was a lot of fun to make, thankfully I had help with putting together the train tracks and icing the cakes. It was inspired by a picture of a similar set up a friend found online.

Thomas the Tank Engine Cupcake Train - finished product

Making the display elements:

The train is displayed on a wooden board, covered in a grass mat (this is something I already had) you could also use a tray covered in desiccated coconut (coloured with green colouring). The train tracks are made from black felt, attached with double sided tape. You could use liquorice for an edible version.

Making the cake:

The cupcakes are just a simple vanilla cupcake batter recipe. I made 30 cakes, but you could do more or less depending on the size of the party/display.

vanilla cupcakes

Making the frosting:

I frosted half the cakes in a basic vanilla cream cheese frosting (I like cream cheese frosting because it holds its shape well when piped, but isn't too sweet). The other half were frosted in sour cream chocolate frosting (basically melting chocolate with sour cream and butter and adding in icing mixture). The chocolate frosting tasted great but the texture needs further work (just like my chocolate skills!). You can decorate with anything tasty/pretty on hand.

vanilla cream cheese frosted cupcakes
chocolate sour cream frosted cupcakes

Making the train carriages:

While I baked and frosted the cupcakes the day before, I made the carriages on the morning of the party so the biscuits wouldn't be stale. The carriages are held together with icing (icing mixture and water) with Orio biscuits for wheels, lattice biscuits for carriage base and  cream wafter biscuits (cut to size) to support cart bases to rest on the board. Once the carriages are assembled the icing needs time to dry (in a cool room, but not refrigerated) before the carriages hold together (relatively) strongly.

Putting it all together:

This creation needed to be assembled after transport. Once on location the Thomas toy is placed on the board, along with the carriages. The frosted cakes are then placed on the carriages and "Happy Birthday' candles added.

ready for transport