Pots of gold (dessert gold!)

Heston Blumenthal's pot plant tiramisu

I love beautiful things, especially desserts. This dessert was hard work to make, but the finished product was pretty, tricky and super tasty. None of the steps were too technical, but it was time consuming. 

The presentation (and recipe for soil) are based on this recipe by the master of molecular gastronomy - Heston Blumenthal. For the filling I used this easy (and delicious) recipe by Gordon Ramsay.

The soil:

The soil is what makes this dish so stunning, and the best thing about the soil is that it is super tasty! There are about three main processes to complete the soil.
  • Crystallised dark chcocolate:
  • Caramelised grape nuts (I used crumbled Digestive biscuits as a substitute, I think next time I will try nutri-grain cereal)
  • Caramelised white chocolate, the soil is finished with a bit of oil (I used macadamia), salt and cocoa.
Crystallised dark chocolate
Caramalised digestive biscuits
Caramalised white chocolate
Finished soil

I also made a few of the dark chocolate layers from the Heston recipe so i could use them to cover the holes in the bottom of the pots. Assembly was essentially the same as a normal tiramisu (except in a pot!):