Whiskey Swirls - the Gentleman's Cupcake (Happy birthday Mick!)

Whiskey Cupcakes

These were an experiment in making 'manly' cupcakes. My husband (a self proclaimed whiskey connoisseur) gave these a tick of tasty approval.

Whiskey cupcakes

Making the cake:

These cakes are a simple vanilla cupcake batter with the following modifications: buttermilk (instead of milk), four tablespoons of Glenfiddich 12 y/o single malt whiskey.

Making the frosting:

The frosting is a simple vanilla cream cheese frosting with an added teaspoon of Glenfiddich. I added a little yellow food colouring (but I only lightly stirred it through so that when piped it would give a slight swirl effect - I don't think it was that successful). The cupcakes are completed with a sprinkle of grated white chocolate.