One magical unicon fairy cake please - Happy 3rd Birthday Abby!

Two tiered rainbow cake

For Abby's 3rd birthday she requested a Mia and Me inspired cake, with extra unicorn!

I used a simple vanilla sponge for the base. To get a rainbow effect I divided the cake batter into a five separate bowls and coloured each of them a different colour. I then slowly poured each colour into the centre of the cake pan. I made two round cakes, one slightly smaller than the other. 


Once the cakes had cooled, I made a big batch of pink buttercream frosting and iced both cakes. For the base layer I rolled the cake sides in a tray of rainbow sprinkes and also coated the top of the cake.

After placing the two tiers together I piped a little icing to hide the join and added some small fondant flowers and leaves (and the candles of course). This cake was made so much less complicated because I purchased the unicorn from ebay (make sure you order well in advance).


The finished cake turned out OK and the rainbow insides were a nice surprise!