Baby shower treats (Rebecca is having a boy!)

Baby shower cupcakes, scones and chocolate strawberries

For my dear friend Rebecca's baby shower we prepared a dessert table and a lolly station. While the items were tasty, they couldn't compete with the jungle themed cake by Rebecca's sister and mother!

Baby shower dessert station


I made 24 cupcakes (12 vanilla and 12 chocolate) using my usual recipes. I did a batch of chocolate butter cream and a batch of vanilla butter cream (adding a few drops of blue food colouring to some of the vanilla batch) for the frosting. I purchased an assortment of baby shower themed cupcake toppers from ebay ( These were so simple to make, and the cake toppers make them look almost professional!

Baby shower cupcakes


I used a recipe from ( that I have had success with previously. Each scone was cut in half, smeared with a delicious strawberry jam. I then whipped some cream and piped a small dollop on top of the jam.

Scones with jam and cream

Chocolate strawberries

These were very simple to make. I washed the strawberries and let them dry. Meanwhile I melted some white chocolate buttons and added a few drops of blue food colouring. Each strawberry is dipped on the chocolate and then left to set on baking paper coated with some spray oil (to stop them sticking). These are best kept in the fridge until they are served.

Blue chocolate strawberries

Lolly table

I know - this isn't really baking, but I think the lolly table we put together was pretty and worth sharing. It was dead simple, all you need are an assortment of lollies, some glass jars, vases etc and some different coloured ribbons and serving spoons/tongs. Party guests each filled a small bag to take home as a thank you for coming to the shower.

Baby shower lolly station